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Birds of a Feather: Changing perspectives. Changing Lives.

Birds Of A Feather, Inc. is committed to the treatment of substance abuse/addiction and family dysfunction among all ethnic groups.  With over 80% of our membership from the so-called Black Underclass, Birds Of A Feather are a Grass Root Organization dedicated to ending substance abuse. Comprised of three hundred and sixty seven (367) former addicts, alcoholics, peppered with co-dependent individuals of recovering people and concerned citizens, Birds Of A Feather has placed ourselves squarely on the Front Lines of a war that some feel is hopeless, but that we feel determined to win.
Birds Of A Feather offers a unique and highly successful aftercare program that keeps recovering individuals too busy to relapse as they simultaneously remind themselves while educating the community at large on the dangers and negative impact of substance use/abuse.  These alternatives are geared to enhancing their education, increasing their self-worth and heightening their spirituality.

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You can donate to Birds of a Feather, a 501(c)3 charity, by clicking here.

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