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My Designed Purpose: The Four P's of Success

My Designed Purpose: The Success of the Four P's" follows the narrative of him being incarcerated numerous times up to age 35. This harsh and edgy environment deeply affected Tony and delayed his life. The turning point came when his beloved daughter came to visit him in prison and asked “Daddy why can't you take care of me.” Touched by her heartfelt request, Tony focused on a committed path of renewal. When he returned to his close Wisconsin community, he founded Birds of a feather Agency, a non-profit organization. He also became the Clinical Director and Owner of Moore & Associates, Inc. 

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My Designed Purpose | WORKBOOK: The four P's of Success

This workbook follows My Designed Purpose: The Four P’s of Success which focuses on Tony Moore’s story as an ex-offender and his strategies to find purpose in life. It takes some of the best ideas from My Designed Purpose and has the reader work through questions and find answers in themselves. So, whether you're beginning your self-improvement or getting back to your goals, this is the book that can help you find your purpose. Tony Moore is an amazing man who has overcome the challenge of being in the prison system. In his home state of Wisconsin, he founded his non-profit organization called Bird of a Feather Agency, and also started Moore & Associates, Inc. to help ex-offenders and recovering addicts.

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Prayer is an act of obedience in which God calls us to pray to establish communications through the spirit of the Holy Ghost which helps us to also grow by faith to faith.

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