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The Kenosha Ballers: IBA Basketball Champions

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Coach Tony Moore is the Kenosha Ballers Head Coach.  


As a recovering ex-offenders, Tony is dedicated to the successful reintegration of offenders into their home communities. Tony is available for consultation and speaking engagements by request. Donations to Kenosha Ballers are accepted and Mr. Moore is also available for speaking events. Donations are used to support the development and continuation of the Kenosha Ballers program and recovery-based programs.


Coach Tony Moore was also given the IBA 2016 Fall League General Manager of the year and the Community Service Award for his efforts with services to Local communities surrounding Kenosha, WI. The Kenosha Ballers have won back-to-back IBA Championships.  


You can find out more about the Kenosha Ballers at

You can also be a Supporter of the Kenosha Ballers! Click here for more.

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